AUGUST 6th | 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Session: Social Media Hates Us, Do We Need Them?

Moderator: Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals Speakers: Ainslee Divine , Sara Jay , Amberly , Annabelle Adams

Location: Great Room 1

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are vital for cam and clips models.  They help performers attract new fans and keep them engaged, and Twitter especially is a great tool for notifying fans when shows are starting.  Some of the most successful models in the business have spent years building up robust followings on social media platforms.

That said, there is an uncomfortable relationship between adult and mainstream.  After being adult-friendly for years, Tumblr suddenly kicked adult content off its platform.  Instagram is notorious for taking away accounts from adult models with little or no warning, accounts which took years to build up.  And even Twitter is accused of “shadow banning” adult accounts, which can impact their reach.

We’ve asked models with lots of experience with social media platforms to walk us through how to best use these services to attract and engage fans.  They’ll also discuss how to reduce the odds your account will be penalized or outright banned, and we’ll ask them if the time is right for the adult industry to start looking beyond mainstream social media solutions.

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